Record Setting Bluefin Tuna

Tuna fisherman from Eastern USA are now coming more frequently to Atlantic Canada, namely Prince Edward Island to catch record setting tuna.


Prince Edward Island is Eastern Canada’s place to go if you want to catch record setting Bluefin Tuna!

Anglers from Florida, New Orleans, South Africa, and many other places in North America and Europe have come to the waters off North Lake PEI to land the big one.

It must have something to do with the rich feeding grounds and fairly cool waters in the Gulf Stream and Northumberland Strait that make a perfect breeding location for this powerful fish. Bluefin tuna seem to thrive in this area of North America and the word is out.

Think about it. Wouldn’t you tell a fishing buddy if you caught a tuna weighing over 1000 pounds? Well this has been going on for years now. Just ask David Sansom of the Tide & Time Tuna Charters and he will tell you that you has taken out groups of fisherman and tourists in the past couple of years like never before. His phone has been ringing off the wall and come Spring time in Prince Edward Island, he begins taking tuna charter bookings.

It is the love of deep sea fishing that keeps the local business “PEI Tuna Charters” coming back year after year to take anglers out on the waters of North Lake PEI. Just about every trip to these tuna rich waters of Atlantic Canada someone reels in a big one weighing at least 500-600 pounds.

Fishermen From The United States Welcome

Fishermen from the United States have been booking tuna charters more frequently in the past four or five years and this year shows no signs of slowing down for the Tide and Time Tuna Charter boat.

Anyone interested in fishing from the UK, USA, Ireland, Scotland,  and Canada are welcome to book a tuna charter in PEI this tuna season. When in the area there are lots of hotels and B&B’s to stay at while vacationing in Atlantic Canada, not to mention tons of fine restaurants with an abundance of seafood and lobster on the menu. So what are you waiting for?

If you are from anywhere in Canada or the United States it is now very affordable to come to Atlantic Canada.

There are lots of fishing charters that are willing to take you out to catch a monster bluefin tuna, but the best tuna charter boat by far is the Tide & Time Charters of North Lake PEI – (902) 393-8690  /

The Tide & Time tuna charters take tourists out daily to try their luck tuna fishing. The captain David Sansom only has to go a couple miles off shore in the Northumberland Strait off PEI to first see the tuna jumping. Hang on for the ride as it’s about to get real, pun intended 🙂

World’s Largest Bluefin Tuna Caught Over 1000 Pounds

The world’s largest tuna are being caught in the waters off Prince Edward Island, that’s a fact! Most time yes you will catch a tuna weight around 250-300 pounds. They all can’t be monsters and must grow to reach the 100-1100 pound size. Sooner or later you will catch the big one.

Tuna fisherman from Eastern USA are now coming more frequently to Atlantic Canada, namely Prince Edward Island to catch record setting tuna.

North Lake, Prince Edward Island, known as the “tuna capital of the world“, is North America’s best kept fishing location. The word seems to be out that the largest tuna in the world are now being caught in PEI. Just ask Tourism PEI and they will tell you that tourism numbers are on the rise and tuna fishing seems to be responsible for a good portion of those numbers.

So while in PEI this summer or Fall, remember that there are quite a few things to do in the Maritimes like golfing, swimming, hiking, and fishing.

Tourist from the United States who have caught monster Bluefin tuna say it was one of the most memorable experiences every and certainly the most powerful fish they have every landed!

If you don’t think it will be a struggle land a monster tuna just book a tuna charter and try battling a huge bluefin tuna for a few hours because that’s how long it will take to land one that size weighing over 750 pounds. It will wear you down and often the captain has to help bring in the monster tuna, which is no big deal because if not done right, the line will certainly snap. You are in for the treat of a lifetime that’s for sure.

If you are a fishing enthusiast and love to go deep sea sports fishing, give tuna fishing a try. The friendly and professional tuna charters “Tide and Time Charters” will be happy to take your tuna charter booking and make it a trip to remember!

Author: Tom Mills

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